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project staffing factoring

Production Dilemma

Celtic Engineering is a specialist in oil refinery operations and management. It recently received a multi-year agreement with Chevron to oversee the rehabilitation of a plant in South America. "We've worked with Chevron Global for years and they presented us with a multi-year opportunity to oversee a significant plant renovation in Venezuela. The revenue it's going to spin off will help us grow 100% year over year for the next three years. When we approached our banker about the opportunity, they were eager to support our needs...until they became uncomfortable with the location. We were already deploying engineers and support staff at a tremendous daily cost and had to find a solution, immediately.

We talked with Gateway and were impressed to work with the decision maker at our initial call. After a few short hours, Gateway provided us with a workable proposal. We now have the confidence to fully staff the project knowing that we'll have the funds for payroll when needed."

Engineering Cash Flow Solutions

Project Staffing Factoring Gets Your Project Started

For companies that rely on maintaining proper staffing levels for a variety of projects, winning that really big contract is a blessing and a curse. It can be a blessing because one huge project could mean financial stability and growth for your company for many years to come. But it can be a curse because getting the kick-off funding can be a challenge.

Banks Can Balk At Risky Ventures

It is common for companies that rely on project staffing would got to their bank to get the kick-off funding they need to get people and equipment in place for that big project. But, while banks can show initial enthusiasm at the prospects of financing such a large project, they can also get cold feet when the details start to come out.

If your project involves you managing a large staff overseas, or if you will need to make significant capital investments in new equipment to get the project off the ground, then the bank may decide that your credit is not strong enough to support the project. At that point, you need to find real answers that will get you the cash you need fast.

Any large project has to start somewhere and the chances are very good that you already have the resources to finance your staffing needs at your disposal. All you need to do is find the right project staffing factoring professionals to help you utilize your economic leverage in a way that gets your project off the ground.

An invoice factoring company can use your current invoiced sales to develop a funding source for you that gets your big project off the ground. By using the strength of the invoiced sales you have already earned, you can get the cash you need to move your business to the next level.

Use Your Invoiced Sales as a Source for Project Financing

The simple solution to satisfying any project staffing is cash flow. If you can get your cash flow problem solved, then you can hire the people you need and buy the necessary equipment to get your next level project going.

With project staffing factoring, you do not need any kind of credit check and an approved account will get you the cash you need in hours. With that kind of service and speed, you can start populating your next project with the quality people you will need to move your business forward.

Most personnel funding issues are simple cash flow problems that can be solved using the resources your company has already accumulated. The next time you get a big contract that requires you to do some serious project staffing, you need to contact your staffing factoring professionals and get the cash you need in a hurry. When the bank balks at helping your company to move to the next level, a staffing factoring company can offer an alternative financing source that allows you to leverage your company's current success to fund future growth.

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