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Invoice factoring is an ideal way for businesses to quickly get cash in their hands. It’s a perfect solution for companies with seasonal or cyclical revenues, and it can help you avoid the hassle of slow payment from your customers.

We have provided funding to thousands of Texas clients in a wide range of industries. If you are looking for factoring for your company operating in Texas, we would love to help you find the best financing service for your needs.

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How Texas Business Owners Can Benefit From Invoice Factoring

If you’re like many commercial business owners, when it comes time to pay some bills, you don’t have enough cash on hand. Credit terms between 30 and 90 days are standard in the business-to-business sector, and few companies have enough cash reserves to cover business expenses while waiting for cash payments. That’s where a widely used business financing tool called accounts receivable factoring comes in. By signing over outstanding invoices to a third party — known as a factor –you can receive cash upfront without waiting for your debtors to pay.



The funding process is straightforward. You sell and deliver goods or services to other companies and then send out invoices to your customers detailing the terms under which they must make payment (e.g., Net 45). Then, the factor will purchase your account receivables and give you a cash advance, usually between 75 and 90% (for the trucking industry, it is higher). The factoring company will wait for your customer to send the payment, discount a small factoring fee and your advance, and deposit the balance into your bank account. This process repeats as long as you have outstanding invoices to sell and funding needs.

You Can Get Consistent Cash Flow to Support Growth

If you are a business owner, you know that cash flow is the lifeblood of your company. It allows the company to cover various business expenses, pay employees, buy inventory, and invest in new equipment. Without consistent working capital, it can be difficult for any business to grow.

You gain instant cash flow financing when you sign up for factoring. Invoice factoring provides the financial flexibility you need to meet growing demands. You’ll receive quick access to funds that you can use to purchase more products, hire additional staff, or expand into other markets.

In addition to helping manage growth, factoring offers another benefit: it helps protect against fluctuations in cash flow. Anytime your company needs cash flow, all you need to do is to sell outstanding invoices to the factor. You only need to factor the clients and invoices you want whenever funding is necessary.

Accessible Credit Facility Lines To Complement or Substitute Bank Financing

Qualifying for traditional funding sources can be challenging if your firm lacks a perfect credit history. And even if you do, there’s no guarantee that your bank will give you those loans or lines of credit to keep the doors open or expand operations. That’s when factoring can become the funding solution your company requires.

Contrary to bank financing, factoring does not require that your company has a strong (or good) credit history. To have reliable access to ongoing funding, all that is needed is accounts receivables issued to creditworthy customers.

Our Invoice Factoring Services for Texas Businesses

If you’re a business owner in the State of Texas who needs cash flow to run operations, we can help! We focus on serving companies just like yours. We are dedicated to supporting your company’s success by providing invoice factoring services that allow you to focus on running your business without worrying about working capital.

Factoring for Businesses Operating in the Lone Star State

Texas is a state whose economy has grown steadily over the last decade. This trend has led to a significant rise in the demand for goods and services across the state. Because of this, many companies have expanded their businesses to keep pace with the rising consumer base. These expansions have helped create thousands of jobs in Texas. Unfortunately, however, several companies in the state struggle to obtain the credit needed to support operations. For this reason, many of them turn to factoring firms for financing for their operations. If that is your company’s situation, we can help!

We offer accounts receivable factoring services to commercial businesses all around the state. If your company operates in any small or major city, such as San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Forth Worth, El Paso, or surrounding areas, call us, and we’ll work with you to secure healthy cash flow for your business.

Competitive Rates, Same-Day Funding, and No Monthly Minimums

Our invoice factoring programs are designed to support your company’s growth. We serve startups, small businesses, and large established companies, and we offer the following:


  • Flexible terms, no long-term contracts required.
  • Negotiable factoring agreements.
  • Facility lines up to 10 Million.
  • Complementary debtor credit checks and credit analysis.
  • Proposals in 30 minutes. Begin factoring in less than three business days.
  • Quick funding is available within 24 hours from invoice submission.
  • Competitive factoring rates from 1% and high advances.
Inc 5000 Award 5 Years

Experience, Professionalism, Confidentiality, and Outstanding Customer Service

Gateway Commercial Finance has been operating for almost two decades and has purchased account receivables for over 2.5 billion. Thanks to our outstanding customer service provided by dedicated staff with extensive experience in accounts receivable management, we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.



We have staff specialized in serving all types of companies in multiple industries, including, but not limited to, business services, aerospace, oilfields services, gas and energy, temporary staffing services, telecom and tower maintenance, transportation companies, cleaning and maintenance, and construction. As long as you sell to other companies, we’ll likely take you as a client, and we’ll have somebody assigned to your account who knows your sector well.



We care about your business and show it in our funding process. In addition to our top-notch customer support, we do our best to protect your company’s reputation. Our highly confidential programs are designed to safeguard your relationship with your customers. Your debtors submit payments to a lockbox under your name. Our staff only makes verification calls when critical, using your company’s name if that is your preference.

Receivable Factoring Programs Designed for the Texas Trucking Industry

If you are searching for freight factoring companies or need funding for your trucking company, you are in the right place. We have programs created to fit the unique demands of the transportation industry.


  • Month-to-month contracts.
  • 97 to 100% advance rates.
  • 1 to 3% flat fee.
  • Fuel card discount programs for trucking companies.
  • Mobile application to submit loads from the road quickly.

Your company’s growth is essential to our people. We have been serving Texas businesses for almost two decades. Please request a quote or contact us to begin a simple application process today. Call 1-855-424-2955, and our managing director will immediately address your needs; no wasted time guaranteed.