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Cash Flow Connection

When Global Telecommunications acquired a 40 year old distributor and service company of two way radios in the North, they needed a reliable partner to manage the extensive customer base and provide reliable day-to-day working capital.

"Gateway was referred to us by our banker and turned out to be an ideal partner. From our initial talks with the owners our ideals and business values were clearly in line with theirs. They listened to our plans for growing a 'diamond-in-the-rough' acquisition and helped us lay out a clear strategy for effective credit policies and procedures. The day to day cash they provide is just a side benefit... it's the shared goal of prosperity that keeps the connection."

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Telecommunications Companies Factoring means reliable working capital

One of the most valuable things a business owner can do is plan every aspect of his business in a meticulous and deliberate fashion. When something new is on the horizon, only good planning will allow the new challenges to be met and conquered with confidence. A significant part of business planning is making financial contingency plans. But too often, business owners rely on traditional funding methods to offer the kind of help that non-traditional sources may be much more able to achieve.

Contingency Planning For Financial Issues Requires Options

Every business plan has contingency planning for financial issues. When a new challenge comes up, that contingency planning is put into effect where there is not sufficient cash flow to handle the challenge. For example, you will have serious financial challenges when you merge your company with another and have to wade through the receivables and outstanding invoices. The process takes time and slow cash flow is not helpful.

When business professionals do contingency planning for financial issues, they usually start off with bank funding. From there the procession may move to a potential investor, or the possibility of offering up shares of the company. What hardly ever gets mentioned is leveraging the company's current financial strength to address a financial challenge.

Your Sales Are Your Financial Strength

Your company might generate revenue in many different ways, but your invoiced sales remain your largest source of recurring income. Wouldn't it make sense to be able to utilize those sales to your advantage in times of financial strain? The challenge is that slow paying customers constrict cash flow and create a financial crisis. But when you know your business financial options, then you start to realize that your sales truly are your strength.

Telecommunications Factoring Utilizes Your Company's Strength

If you could come up with a financial contingency plan that provided a steady cash flow based on your outstanding account receivables, then your financial worries would be over. Telecommunications factoring provides that cash flow and will continue to provide the funding you need as long as you have qualified invoices from customers with acceptable credit.

A telecommunications factoring company can set up a seamless business process that turns your invoices into cash in a matter of hours. Instead of worrying about how you will address the ongoing financial challenges of business, you can put those worries behind you and focus on growing your business and achieving your success.

There is no business success without proper planning. When it comes to financial planning, you need to take advantage of the one process that turns your valuable invoices to cash on a regular basis. Invoice funding is the best way for you to create a reliable cash flow and provide your business with the ongoing operating capital it needs to meet the challenges of today and allow you to look with confidence towards the future.

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