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For over 10 years we’ve been helping business owners solve their most basic cash flow needs. Our continued success is based on our honest approach, competitive rates, and unsurpassed excellence in customer service.

How Is Our Factoring Company Different From The Others?

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Because the company's owners are also the managers, you’ll work directly with experienced decision makers from the start. No brokers, no salespeople, no computer algorithms, no underwriters… just direct, honest answers and fast decisions!

We understand your time is valuable and timely decisions are critical to your business. We promise you’ll get zero bureaucracy or run-around.


Our customer retention rate is almost TWICE (1.9 times) the industry average.

Here’s why our customers value our services and stay with us much longer:

  • We truly care about our clients and the health of our portfolio; we never recommend services that can hurt your business future, such us debt stacking, just to profit from your needs.
  • We care about protecting your business’s public reputation; we’ll never publish our customer’s names online or request them to write reviews. To protect our customer’s valuable confidentiality we only offer private references upon request (believe us, we have lots!).
  • We don’t deceive prospective clients by paying for online endorsements or biased reviews.

As a result our success is evident…

  • We have been growing non-stop for over 10 years and,
  • We have been included in the renowned INC 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies 4 years in a row!
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Transparency is the foundation of our continuous growth. We deliver what we promise.

Talk to a decision maker and you’ll immediately see a difference in our approach to invoice factoring.

  • Fair contract terms: We offer very competitive rates, high advances and flexible agreements that fit your company’s needs.
  • Fast funding: We’re a financially stable funding provider. Working with us, you’ll feel confident that you can access funds whenever you need them.


In addition to cash flow, we offer convenience. All of our clients can take advantage of our comprehensive A/R Management Platform.

  • Paperless Submissions & Factoring Accounting: We have developed an application that connects to your accounting software and allows you to sell your invoices to us with just one click. If you prefer, the system will also perform the recording of factoring transactions for you, relieving your accountant or bookkeeper from this usually tedious task.

  • Transparent Reporting: We want you to be completely informed of all information related to your outstanding invoices. We have created a sophisticated reporting system that allows you to see the status of all your invoices and their activity. The reporting system is available 24/7 and all information is immediately accessible.

  • Professional Receivables Management: When you work with Gateway Commercial Finance you get a sophisticated receivables department that can manage your invoices.
    When you consider the time your team spends on receivables and collections, you may find that your process is actually costing you money. In fact, an inefficient process may be more costly than the fee associated with factoring your invoices. You can take advantage of our experience and knowledge and benefit from our receivable monitoring process to prevent costly collections and delinquencies.

  • Credit Evaluation & Ongoing Credit Monitoring: Prior to making an advance, we evaluate one of our factoring clients customer’s credit rating using a variety of sophisticated credit tools (Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Coface & Cotera) to ensure they have the financial capability to pay within terms. Each 90 days, we manually re-review this information. We provide this information at NO CHARGE to our invoice factoring clients.

Take advantage of our highly confidential factoring program

If you're concerned about protecting the image you've created with your customers, you're not alone. The number one concern of most prospective invoice factoring clients is the interaction the factor will have with their customers.

Our experienced staff, using state of the art technology, preserves your reputation and protects your privacy.

SOFTCALL: Protecting Your Business Reputation

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We call it SoftCall. It’s one of the most innovative privacy tools a factoring company can use to protect your relationship with your customers. With Softcall, our interactions with your customers are all on your behalf. If we need to call your customers about an invoice, it’s under your name, so they don’t know that there is a factoring company involved in the payment process.

Payments Under Your Name

Companies who are new to factoring often ask how their customers should make payments. The answer is simple. They continue to make payments to you under your business name. The only thing that changes is where they send their payments.

We will establish a special lockbox for your customers to direct their payments. All checks are still made payable to you. However, the checks are sent to the new lockbox. Again, your customers likely won’t know that a third party is involved. The only information that will change on their end is where they send the payment. Again, our highly confidential factoring program ensures your privacy and keeps your reputation intact.

Ready to get started? Let’s discuss your cash flow needs. We welcome the opportunity to help you grow your business.

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