Portfolio Management Services & Sub-Servicing

When you’re in the business of lending, relationships are everything. As hard as it may be to secure a new relationship, it can sometimes be even harder to retain one. Sometimes a longtime and loyal client just doesn’t fit your lending profile. Or a prospect may be attractive in the long-term, but doesn’t meet your lending standards today.

Telling a prospect or client that they don’t qualify for a loan is a shared dilemma. They can’t get the cash flow support they need. And you are unable to assist them and ultimately grow the relationship.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Whether you’re an asset-based lender, a factor, or even an entrepreneurial bank, you can add a suite of funding options that allow you to help clients who may not be right for your traditional products. And you don’t even need to invest in employees or infrastructure to do it.

Specialty servicing branch for the asset-based lending, banking and factoring markets

Gateway Commercial Finance provides a complete suite of back-office functions for banks, factoring companies and asset-based lenders. As your servicing partner, Gateway offers:

  • Seasoned Management & Operations Team. For more than 19 years, we have helped businesses of all sizes resolve their cash flow challenges through factoring. We stand ready to help your clients with their needs.
  • Proven Policies & Effective Procedures. Over time, we've refined our policies and procedures to produce a highly effective portfolio and credit management system. You can leverage our knowledge without having create infrastructure or build your own policies and procedures.
  • Common Interests. We recognize that when we’re successful when you’re successful. We'll never lose sight of this simple principle, and we will always treat your clients as if they’re our own.

Introducing Sentinel Portfolio Solutions

portfolio management services

Sentinel Portfolio Services is Gateway’s backend portfolio servicing solution. Sentinel works with a wide range of asset-based lenders, banks, and factors to provide high-quality back-office service and support.

We know how challenging it can be to build a healthy and profitable factoring portfolio. We offer a wide range of services to help you with the actual day-to-day management of your factoring business. That allows you to focus on what you do best - serving your clients.

Transactional Engagement & Special Services

We offer a number of services that can relieve your team’s workload and can make sure your customers are getting the right level of service. We can bring strategically focused resources to your most urgent projects, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

High Workload Boarding

We can lead or assist with large new account take-on’s regardless of the amount of debtors in multiple roles:

  • Debtor Credit Investigation
  • Noticing Account Debtors
  • Boarding Verifications
  • Underwriting

Debtor Notification

We provide debtor Notification/Re-Notification services ensuring the proper debtors are under notice and have the information they need to make remittance to your desired location:

  • SOS Debtor Confirmation
  • Purchase Order / Contract & Remittance Review
  • Independent Address & Debtor Contact Verification
  • Debtor Acknowledgement
  • Eliminating Payment over Notice

Third Party Verification

We can provide independent verification services ensuring compliance with your internal verification policies are being met.

  • Verbal & Recorded
  • Written
  • Debtor Statements

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

We have spent nearly two decades acquiring experience and knowledge in the factoring industry. Through our sub-servicing solutions, we give you the opportunity to tap into that knowledge and apply it to your business from day one.

This is a level of knowledge and resources that is generally only available to the largest financial institutions. By partnering with Sentinel, you can leverage our experience to strengthen your factoring portfolio.

Underwriting Review

What are the weaknesses in your underwriting process? Sentinel Portfolio Solutions has a customized suite of underwriting parameters to help our clients perform an objective analysis of their own underwriting.

Our underwriting analysis can be combined with a simple file review or financial & debtor analytics and tailored to meet specific goals and objectives.

Process and Operations Review

Are your operational processes as efficient and effective as they could be? We offer a customized suite of operational review standards to help you objectively analyze your systems. Use our best practice methodologies to enhance your portfolio’s stability and security.

Workout/Default Support

During workout or default, quick and consistent communication is critical to preserving collateral. We can rollout a rapid communication system to the debtor to keep your collateral intact and minimize any possible losses.

Underwriting Support Services

No two companies have the same appetite for risk. We know this better than anyone because we’ve been evaluating risk for more than 20 years. That’s why we help you maintain a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your risk profile, which could mean all the difference between profit and loss.

We offer a complete underwriting solution that you can implement at the time of origination, at workout, or at any point in between. Our experienced underwriters, due diligence professionals, and operations personnel, coupled with our industry-leading technological platform, provide you with detailed insight so you can quickly identify risk and opportunity in your portfolio.

Who Does Sentinel Serve?

Wondering whether you’re a good fit to partner with Sentinel Portfolio Solutions? We work with a wide range of businesses who all have one thing in common: they want to provide their clients with alternative funding solutions We commonly work with community banks, asset based lenders, and factoring providers.

Community Banks

As specialists in the areas of collateral lending, we’re able to take a unique approach to a borrower’s needs, creating greater opportunities for our clients. By partnering with Sentinel Portfolio Solutions you’ll have the confidence of knowing that a team of experienced professionals is diligently watching out for your institution’s best interests.

Sentinel offers banks a comprehensive suite of tools and practical experience designed to monitor accounts receivables and inventory without the high costs of establishing infrastructure.

  • Collateral Verifications
  • Aging Reviews
  • Payable Reviews
  • Contra Identification
  • Remittance Testing
  • Dilution
  • Inventory Tests
  • Ineligible Calculations
  • Borrowing Base Testing
  • Default & Workout Support

Factoring Companies

Entrepreneurial Services

Designed for factors with less than $10MM outstanding

Our Entrepreneurial services are designed to support small factors with critical day-to-day functions including:

  • Debtor Notification
  • Debtor Verification
  • Debtor Monitoring & Collections
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Credit & Underwriting Support Services
  • Portfolio Software & Data Entry
  • Cash Posting
  • Lender BBC Generation
  • Daily GL Creation & Support

Middle Market Service

Designed for factors with greater than $10MM outstanding

Our Middle Market services are designed to assist established operations departments with high workload occasions (boarding, compliance, default, etc.) and the creation or fine-tuning of internal policies and procedures.

  • High Workload Client Support
  • Verifications & Audit Support
  • Operational Policy Creation & Support Services
  • Default & Workout Support
  • Compliance Support

Institutional Focus

Our institutional services are designed to provide independent third party oversight.

  • Collateral Testing
  • Policy Review & Compliance
  • Operational Compliance

Asset Based Lenders

We provide comprehensive accounts receivable and inventory collateral evaluation and monitoring services specifically tailored for the lender who needs additional support without creating the complicated infrastructure.

Sentinel Portfolio Solutions provides back office support services at the direction of our clients in a wide variety of capacities.

  • Collateral Verification & Testing
  • Invoice Audits
  • Borrowing Base Testing
  • A/R Monitoring & Collections Support
  • Debtor Notification
  • Workout Support

Are you ready to bring decades of experience, knowledge, and structural efficiencies to your financial institution? Want to add a new funding option for your customers and clients? Let’s start the conversation and discuss your goals and needs. We welcome the opportunity to help you create, maintain, and grow a factoring portfolio that serves your clients and meets your objectives. Contact us today to get started.

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