CPAS, Lenders, Banks & Other Factoring Referrals

Maybe you’re an accountant and you have a client who needs an infusion of cash. Or perhaps you’re a business banker with a customer who is dealing with a cash flow crisis. You may be some other type of business service provider, such as a key supplier or a payroll specialist.

You have business clients who have hit a rough patch with regards to cash flow. We have solutions, let's partner.

No matter your role, when you’re in the business of helping other businesses, you know how important cash flow can be. Cash flow can often make all the difference when it comes to keeping the doors open and the lights on.

And sometimes, you may not have the tools necessary to help your business clients through difficult situations. That’s when it can be invaluable to have a relationship with an experienced factoring provider like Gateway Commercial Finance.

At Gateway, we offer factoring solutions to help businesses work through difficult cash flow periods. We can provide cash quickly, often in a matter of days. And because we’re a factoring provider, we are often able to provide funding to businesses who may not qualify for traditional lending.

Factoring Is The Solution

Factoring is a unique funding method in which a factoring provider advances a portion of an outstanding invoice. Generally, we’re able to provide up to 90 percent of an outstanding invoice in a matter of days.

The customer then pays the invoice amount directly to us. This is done confidentially through a discreet lockbox. From the paying customer’s perspective, they are making payment directly to the business that issued the invoice. The customer often doesn’t know that a third party is involved.

After the invoice is paid, we deduct the amount we advanced plus a small fee for our role in the process. We then forward the balance on to our client.

Invoice factoring is an effective way for companies to quickly obtain cash on their receivables. Additionally, we manage the collection process, which often saves our clients time. They no longer have to worry about calling on outstanding invoices or sending letters and emails to their customers about payment.

We understand how important the relationships are between our clients and their customers, so we always take great care to protect our clients’ reputations. We use a soft touch when communicating with customers about invoices. And we do everything under the client’s name, so the paying customer doesn’t become confused by having a third party involved.

Factoring is a great way for businesses to work through their cash flow challenges. In our more than 15 years of providing funding for companies, we have found that businesses experiencing one or more of the following symptoms tend to benefit the most from factoring solutions:

  • Rapid Growth
  • Loss of significant customer
  • Forbearance with lender
  • Inadequate Capitalization
  • Poor Personal Credit
  • Negative Net Worth
  • Operating Losses
  • Ownership Transition
  • Negative Cash Flow
  • Payroll Tax Problems
  • Highly Leveraged

Our Typical Referral Partners


Consider Gateway when you're speaking with a customer and your only option is to say no to their borrowing request.

We're in a unique position in today's tight credit market to say yes to those commercial borrowers who need additional working capital. Because we're collateral specialists, we take a unique approach to your borrower's financial situation and we deliver timely and flexible financial solutions.

Also, as we're a non-bank funder, we'll never compete with you for the treasury relationship.

CPAs, Accountants & Bookkeepers

As a trusted advisor to your clients you are often the first resource they turn to when they have financing difficulties. Obtaining the financing needed to operate a business today can be difficult at best for many companies. Introduce into the equation a storied credit and the odds of obtaining a traditional credit facility become even further from reality.

We recognize that not all businesses are ideal candidates for a traditional credit facility and that's why we specialize in providing a wide variety of commercial financing products.

With Gateway Commercial Finance as a partner, your clients will have direct access to decision makers offering specialized industry knowledge, a seasoned management and advisory team, and a full spectrum of financing products.

Business & Professional Partners

We understand the importance of relationships, and referring a valued client is no easy decision. At Gateway Commercial Finance, providing great service is more than just a promise. It's the way we do business, every day, every client, and every transaction.

Whether it's payroll or supplier issues, or a more complex transaction as a merger or acquisition, or any other reason for needing a new source of funding, look to us for a combination of resources, professionalism and expertise.

From start-ups to middle market companies, we offer facilities starting at $25,000 to $2 Million with syndication capabilities of up to $25 Million. Consider inviting us to the table and you'll see our dedication to creating win-win-win solutions.

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