Purchase Order Financing & P.O.Funding Services

We understand that often a company's greatest challenge is not sales or production, but simply locating the financing to fulfill the order. With our purchase order financing solutions, we can provide up to 85% of the cost of goods necessary to fulfill those orders.

Purchase Order Funding

We can help growing businesses finance their ability to fulfill purchase orders. We provide funding to buy materials, order product, pay workers, or any other input needed to complete the order and generate an invoice.

Our purchase order funding solutions come in two forms. We can either guarantee payment directly to the vendor or we can establish a line of credit with the vendor. In either case, we help cash-strapped businesses get the materials they need to meet their customer’s demands.

We offer purchase order funding for transactions between $50,000 and $250,000. Much like our factoring solutions, we base purchase order funding approvals on the ability of your customer to pay the invoice. That focus allows us to offer funding to a broad base of businesses.

We can provide letters of credit and vendor guarantees. Don't forget the comfort in knowing you have a reliable resource to fulfill those orders.

  1. Benefits are immediate with our purchase order funding solutions
  2. Helps ensure timely delivery to customers
  3. Builds credibility with suppliers
  4. Increases market share

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