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A Dirty Dilemma

After 7 years working for one of the nation's largest commercial cleaning franchises, Paul Anthony made the decision to venture out on his own and start National Building Services. "I had the customers, quality labor and enough funds to cover my initial equipment purchases and just enough to cover payroll needs. When my former employer abandoned a portion of my local market, it opened up a huge opportunity for me. I just needed additional funds to buy more equipment and cover the significant increase in payroll!"

After talking with his accountant, Paul was referred to Gateway Commercial Finance to help support his immediate growth needs. "I was surprised at how simple and straightforward Gateway's process was. Overnight, my opportunity became reality with the help of Gateway and some elbow grease!"

Spotless Working Capital Solutions

When you need funding, commercial cleaning and janitorial factoring is the solution

If there is one thing that every janitorial business owner knows, it is that things in their industry can change quickly. One day, there is a powerhouse company that seems to take up all of the prime contracts. The next day, that company experiences financial problems and has to pull up shop and leave the area. That leaves the remaining cleaning companies with the wonderful problem of figuring out how to finance all of that new work.

The Janitorial Business Runs On Cash Funding

Commercial janitorial companies utilize a tremendous amount of supplies and they usually buy in bulk to save on costs and have supplies on hand. But what happens when there is that sudden surge in business and the supplies run out quickly? That is when a commercial cleaning business needs a cash flow solution that allows the available funding to keep pace with the needs of the clients. The smart cleaning companies turn to commercial janitorial factoring to meet all of their immediate and ongoing cash flow needs.

Commercial Factoring Is The Right Cash Flow Solution For Cleaning Companies

One of the more frustrating economic realities for commercial cleaning company owners is the pile of outstanding accounts receivable that represent the cash that the company needs right now. With janitorial factoring, you can turn those unpaid invoices into cash and get the supplies you need to take on that new business. Your invoiced sales should represent your cash flow solution, especially when your company is growing. If your customers are not paying those invoices as fast as you would like, then talk to a factoring company for a solution.

It Doesn't Matter How Long You Have Been In Business

The great thing about commercial cleaning factoring is that your company's credit history does not matter. All that matters is that you have a steady flow of accounts receivable from creditworthy clients that you can use to establish cash flow. The janitorial business is extremely competitive and that means that newer companies can sometimes struggle with their cash situation. Invoice factoring eliminates that problem and puts the start-up companies on the same level as the experienced companies.

Commercial Cleaning Factoring Can Be Your Only Financial Plan

The next time that opportunity drops business into the collective lap of your commercial janitorial company, you don't need to panic. All you need to do is go out and win that business to help your company grow. As for the cash flow issues that come with sudden growth, your invoice factoring experts have you covered. A commercial factor will turn those new invoices into cash and create a real source of revenue that you can use now and in the future.

Don't let opportunity ruin the future of your janitorial business. In an industry so sensitive to cash flow, it is reassuring to know that there are real lending options to keep the cash rolling in. With invoice factoring, your commercial cleaning company can keep on growing and keep on making the world a cleaner place.

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