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When Mia Leeds started Cool Blue Apparel, she needed an effective receivables management and cash flow solution. “I’ve known about factoring for years but never realized all of the additional benefits they provide besides steady cash flow!” With our credit investigation resources, proactive receivables management and cash flow support, it’s a winning combination for almost any business.

“The last thing I needed to do was worry about the credit of my customers and chasing payments while trying to take care of everything else on my plate. Gateway’s program provided an excellent package of services for a start-up like me, delivered professionally. My only problem now is keeping ahead of the curve on next season’s fashion line-up!

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fashion designers factoring

Factoring for the fashion industry boosts your business operations

Anyone who has run a small business knows that just keeping up with cash flow management and running the receivables is a full-time job. Making sure that there is always enough operating capital on-hand and that every new client has adequate credit can take hours out of a day that should be spent running the business.


In the fashion industry, a designer has to spend most of their time keeping up with fashion trends all over the world just to make sure that there is going to be market for their creations in the coming year. When you own a fashion business, tracking trends and developing fashions is a full-time job that can leave little time for the important job of receivables management.


It is important for busy small business owners to choose their service providers wisely, especially with a service that is critical to the success of that small business. Fashion factoring is a financial service that improves cash flow and allows a small fashion related business to meet all of its financial obligations. But when you find a full service factor that does much more than just improve cash flow, then you have found a financial partner that will help you grow your business.


We offer full service factoring services for small businesses in a variety of industries and we are proud of our track record at helping small businesses to succeed. But we also realize that helping our customers to meet their business goals involves so much more than just turning qualified invoices into cash. It requires getting intimately involved in how our customers run their business, which is why we offer services above and beyond fashion factoring.


Our business consultants can help set up services that will monitor your customers’ credit scores and let you know if your new customers have any credit issues. We also offer receivables management services that will help you to keep a close eye on your outgoing invoices and maintain your aging reports.


It is not enough for a good fashion factoring company to set up a seamless way for your company to submit qualified invoices to be turned into cash in a matter of hours. Our clients also require a suite of other financial services that allow them to track their receivables and plan for the future. We combine our cash flow support services with our other customer management programs to give our fashion design factoring customers exactly what they need to run their businesses in a profitable way.


The next time you are wondering how you will improve your cash flow, you will also want to consider just how much of your time running your receivables is taking from doing the things you really want to do. Give our fashion factoring professionals a call and we will explain to you how our business services can be used to sustain a reliable cash flow and make sure that you are getting all of the information you need to make your business a success.