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When Wendy Nelson needed additional support to fulfill an order from one of the world’s largest retailers, she had to act quickly to meet her customer’s deadline. “We’re a seven-year-old importer of recreational pool products. When the eight-hundred-pound gorilla came to us after their primary supplier filed bankruptcy we had to act quickly if we wanted the relationship. This posed significant challenges as our supplier was unwilling to grant us the necessary increase in our line of credit and our bank was incapable of extending any more.
Thankfully, our banker recommended Gateway, who worked tirelessly with our supplier to issue the necessary guarantees to get production started. Without Gateway, we would have lost out on a very lucrative relationship”.

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Our Distributor Factoring Program Covers Your Company's Needs

One company’s tragedy can be your company’s opportunity. It is always an uneasy feeling when your pool product distribution company gets the call from a major retailer who is left in a lurch because of the financial failure of their main supplier, but that is how business can be. The one consolation you always have is knowing that there are several pool suppliers out there just waiting for your company to fail as well. But when you have the right financial programs in place, failure is not an option.

The “Rock and a Hard Place” Business Situation Can Always Seem So Helpless

Most business owners, especially in the pool supply industry, run their businesses in the here and now. They want to plan for the future, but business moves so quickly that it is a challenge just to keep customers happy and orders coming in each week. That means that most pool product distributors utilize their bank financing regularly and, eventually, the bank has to stop being a viable solution. That is usually when the real problems begin.


The moment the bank tells you that it has to pull the plug on your funding is the moment when the “break of a lifetime” gets dropped in your lap. One of the largest retail chains in the country has gone through your information and has decided that you will take the place of one of your competitors that just went bankrupt. It is great news, until you look at your balance sheet. You need a solution and, lucky for you, the solution to your problems can be found on your aging reports.

Distributor Factoring Turns Your Aging Reports Into Cash Flow Monitors

You hang up from the major retailer and start to look over the vast array of invoices on your aging report. If only you could turn those creditworthy invoices into cash, and fast. With distributor factoring, you can develop the cash flow you need utilizing the invoices that you have worked so hard to earn.


A distributor factoring company will work with you to create a reliable cash flow using your invoiced sales. As long as you have invoices coming in from clients that have acceptable credit, then your invoice factoring partner can provide the cash flow you need. Your situation suddenly goes from dire to one of the best business days of your life.


When your pool product distribution company is financially tapped out at the bank, do not turn down the best opportunity your company has ever had. Instead, contact our distributor factoring company and turn your invoiced sales into the kind of cash flow that will keep your suppliers happy. You can fill that retailer’s huge order and show that retailer that their line of profitable pool products is safe. All you need to do is utilize our distributor factoring program and your pool supply company can be relaxing in the summer sun.