Invoice Factoring Calculator & Other Business Financial Tools

Factoring Fees, Advance Rates, Customer Concentration Calculators

Calculate Invoice Factoring Fees based on your Factoring Rates:

This link will take you to a detailed explanation of factoring rates and calculators to estimate your factoring fees based on the type of rate your business agrees with the factor.

  • Flat Discount
  • Flat Discount Plus Prime

Calculate Your Factoring Advance

This page includes a complete explanation of factoring advances and a simple calculator to estimate the advance your business will get when selling and invoice to a factor.

Calculate Your Customer Concentration

This page includes:

  • A great explanation of what customer concentration is, and how it affects your business risk and factoring rates
  • A simple calculator to estimate your company's customer concentration

Calculators to Keep Your Business in Shape

Whatever the economic environment, there is always a need to understand your current financial health. We've provided some basic financial tools so you may comprehend your cash flow cycle better. Effective cash flow management is key to a successful business.

Measure Your Cash Conversion Cycle:

  • Determining how fast your customers pay
  • Determining how quickly you pay your vendors
  • Testing how quickly your inventory turns over
  • Testing how quickly cash is converted

Measure the Z-Score

The Z-Score is a model that determines the likelihood a business will file bankruptcy. This is an excellent tool to help you determine the probability that a customer may file bankruptcy.

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