Educational Economics for Kids

Knowing how to manage money is a skill that people need at any age. Even young people need to develop strong finance skills so they know how to budget their money and make it stretch across all their needs and wants. If you get an allowance every week, you should think about saving a part of it instead of spending it all when you get it. When you get old enough to earn your own money, you will have even more decisions to make about how you budget, save, and spend your cash. Learning about money may be important, but you can still have fun learning these life lessons. Play games, do puzzles, and watch videos that will teach you all the important facts about finance.

America the Beautiful Quarters Game

Choose a year and play a game to learn about quarters circulating in the United States.

The Be Your Own Boss Challenge

If you think you want to run your own business someday, take this short quiz to see if you have what it takes.

Chair the Fed

This exciting game lets you pretend that you are in charge of the nation's central bank. Have fun setting policies to keep employment up and inflation down.

Making a Budget

Everyone needs to know how to make a budget to make sure that they spend their money wisely.

A Trip to the Bank

Take a fun and educational trip to the bank. Here are many great lessons about money and intercative games.

The Change Game

Practice giving customers the correct change with this cash register game.

Ideas for Making Money

Kids have lots of possibilities for making money. You could babysit or get a job raking leaves to make money.

Trading Bananas and Wheat

This interactive game will help you see how nations trade goods with each other.

Math at the Mall

Shopping at the mall may be fun, but you need good math skills to be a smart shopper. Play this game to practice your math skills.

Lemonade Stand Coloring Page

Get ideas for setting up your own lemonade stand when you color this picture.

Counting Money

This game will help you practice counting money with fun activities.

Adding Money Amounts

You need to know how to use decimal points when you want to add money. This activity will help you learn this skill.

Change Maker

Practice making change for different transactions so you can learn how to count money.

Road Trip to Savings

Hit the road for a four-week road trip. You will need to make many wise decisions to manage your money during your trip.

Jesse's Ice Cream Stand

Help Jesse manage an ice cream stand to make the most profits.

Field Trip to the Money Factory (video)

Watch a video of a trip to the money factory to see and learn how money is made.

This slide show explains exactly how the United States government designs and prints money.

Money Flash Cards

Practice your knowledge of money values and adding coins and bills with this game.

Barter vs. Money (PDF)

You will need to know how to count money to play this finance game that's all about shopping, spending, and bartering.

Money Bingo (PDF)

Print out these money bingo cards to play bingo with friends and classmates.

The Bean Game (PDF)

Play the bean game to learn how to manage an income. You will need to make decisions about saving, spending, and paying bills.

Math Games (PDF)

This collection of printable math games will give you lots of ways to learn about money. Add or subtract tiles to play a money game.

By Marc J. Marin

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