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The business world is a rapidly expanding sector that offers competitive salaries and plentiful opportunities for advancement. Business management is a large area that includes many different career options. Working in business management can involve working in small or large companies. Some managers are actively involved with employee supervision, while others focus on customer service. Strong skills in information technology, finance, and communication are important for success in this field.

What Is Business Management?

The field of business management has a varied scope, making it ideal for anyone who likes to perform different types of tasks. A business manager usually focuses on analyzing procedures and developing successful strategies to meet goals. This work typically includes short-term tasks that occur from day to day and long-term work that covers weeks and months into the future. This position involves coordinating resources, including employees and finances, to meet goals.

Skills of a Successful Business Manager

Business managers need a specific skill set to work successfully in this field. Communication skills factor in heavily for the business manager. This professional needs to be able to listen effectively, write concisely, and speak competently. Organizational and problem-solving skills are also important for the business manager. The person in this position will meet with ongoing challenges in the workplace, which will require adept handling to ensure that the company functions well. Strong skills with computers and information technology will streamline tasks and enable precise tracking of data.

  • Business and Management Careers: Successful business managers learn problem-solving, business fundamentals, and customer service.

  • How to Prepare for This Career in High School

    The courses taken during high school are important preparation for a career in business management. Students should take four years of English to build a solid communication background. Science, social studies, and mathematics classes also provide a foundation for business management. When students have opportunities to take classes in world languages, accounting, finance, and business, they can add to their knowledge base to prepare for this career. Many schools have requirements for students to complete junior or senior projects. A student preparing for a career in business management might choose a project with a focus in business, such as shadowing a business management professional and working to develop a business plan.

    Careers in the Business Management Field

    A wealth of opportunities await a professional in the business management field. Virtually any type of management position in any sector falls under the business management umbrella. A business management graduate could work in the health care industry in hospital administration. A business manager might work in the retail or manufacturing industry, supervising employees or managing the daily operations of an organization. A business manager may work extensively in accounting, with responsibilities for invoice tracking, bookkeeping, and internal auditing. Business managers even work in the sports and entertainment industries in a variety of different careers.

By Marc J. Marin

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