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Increasing Your Portfolio of Customers

The Basics of Marketing in a Digital Age

Moving Beyond Yellow Pages and Simple Websites

If you’re an average small business owner, you’re no doubt struggling with how to respond to all the chatter and references to the new world of digital marketing. Just a few years ago, many companies reacted to the opportunities of the Internet by putting up a simple website. Now, you’re reading and hearing about the need to be involved with social media. Many of you have added Facebook pages and even opened a Twitter account.

Studies show, however, that most small business operators find the challenges of social media to be intimidating and even overwhelming. Many experts consider this new marketing medium to be one of the greatest gifts ever made available to small businesses. Yet, there’s no denying it also creates many issues concerning priorities and getting up to speed on how to effectively put it to use.

One of those studies by Staples shows that as many as 85 percent of small business owners try to manage their own social media accounts. However, that may explain why less than 20 percent of the total of small businesses currently use social media to market their products and services. If you’re one of the 80 percent waiting to act, you shouldn’t feel like you’re alone. However, it is increasingly vital that you find a way to tap into this and other digital marketing tools. Just one example of why this new medium is so important is that more than 80 percent of all first contacts with a business are now made by computers, laptops and smartphones. This is a trend that simply won’t stop growing as a primary way to deal with your customers and prospects.

New Methods, New Words: The Same Objective

Our goal is to help you as a small business owner get a better grip on what is happening in the world of marketing. Before we start, however, let’s talk about basics. You’re no doubt familiar with the concept of the sales funnel. The whole goal of any marketing and sales strategy is to help you find new prospects and make them happy customers. Your marketing plans and activities should also deal with your existing customers, keeping them involved and making more sales to them.

For all the media hype about the Internet, social marketing and the like, the reality is that these are simply new and efficient tools to help you fill and manage that sales funnel. Make no mistake; these really are exciting and powerful tools. There is, however, no need to be intimidated or overwhelmed by them.

Our goal in the next few articles is to help you get some new insights into how you can help add elements of the digital marketing age to your sales funnel. We’ll keep it light, introducing you to the key concepts and providing some useful tips and examples. We use these concepts in our own business and we know they work. We look forward to helping you move forward with your updated marketing and sales plans and tactics.

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