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Invoice Factoring (a.k.a. receivable factoring) insures a business has adequate cash to support payroll and supplier demands. All without the challenges associated with traditional financing.
Our invoice factoring company provides a variety of cash flow financing options to small to medium-sized businesses in need of capital. Those businesses include established companies, start-ups, firms with highly leveraged operations, rapid growth, negative net worth or prior bankruptcies.


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How Invoice Factoring Works - Frequently Asked Questions From Invoicing to Collection

In this article we’ll address some details concerning factoring to help you understand how you can put this tool to work for your company. While there are standard basics to the process, one advantage of the factoring process is the ability to tailor a program to your specific situation and needs. Feel free to call and discuss how your company can put factoring to work as an immediate solution to your cash flow needs.

Offers from Factoring Companies - What deals are realistic for your business?

Evaluating offers from different invoice factoring companies can be pretty confusing and frustrating. There are several variables that need to be considered and, unless you are an accountant or a financial expert, the components that make up a proposal are not easy to understand and compare for the average company owner or executive. This guide has been created to help business people like you find the provider and proposal that best fit your funding requirements. Learn about invoice factoring offers

How are Factoring Rates Structured?

Factoring rates, also known as discount rates, are used to calculate the factoring fee that your business will pay a factoring company for its services. Invoice factoring companies use several parameters to structure their discount rates. Understanding how rates are structured is critical when evaluating factoring proposals.

Your Factoring Discount Rate - Aspects that influence your company and clients’ risk to a factor

Whether the factoring company making you a proposal uses a flat discount, prime plus a margin  or other parameters to structure the factoring discount rate, the final rate your company will be offered will depend on your company’s risk level to the factor. Can a decision maker truly offer you a legitimate proposal without knowing all of the facts about you, your business or your customer base? If we consider the aspects that invoice factoring companies need to take in account to offer a company a proposal the answer to this question would be “extremely unlikely”. There are many factors that influence your factoring discount rate. Learn most important factors that influence your factoring discount.

What Advance Rate Can Your Business Get?

The advance is the percentage of the invoice value that an invoice factor will pay your company at the time of the sale of the receivables. This is not the final amount your business will be paid for the purchase of the invoices; you will get the balance minus the factoring fees at the time the payments are collected from your customers. Before making you a proposal regarding factoring advance rates, the decision maker will analyze different parameters that influence your business and industry risk. Learn the aspects that influence the advance rate you will be offered.

How Long the Factoring Application, Approval & Funding Process Really Takes?

It is very common to find factoring ads offering same day factoring approval. Also many companies offer same day, 2-hour, or immediate funding in their ads. Let’s see what a factoring application process involves to get a realistic estimate of how long a final approval may take.