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When WG Publications landed the exclusive distribution agreement with a popular Spanish magazine they found themselves in a cash crunch. "We worked very hard to secure the rights to Hola Magazine and once we were awarded the contract, we had new challenges to ensure the suppliers so the critical printing and supply chain was satisfied. Hola is a weekly publication with a large distribution and given we were new to this distribution market, the printer and several of the suppliers gave us very challenging credit terms. We needed to find a reliable cash flow solution immediately."

"Gateway was extremely easy to work with and their process helps streamline our receivables management and collection processes." Hola is as popular as People Magazine in the U.S. and the list of advertisers is a who's who of Fortune 500 Companies. We're glad we could spread the word!

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Factoring is an accesible invoice financing solution

When your business' growth threatens to outpace your cash flow, then you find yourself in that frustrating position of being a victim of your own success. If your company is presented with a new opportunity that requires you to reach well beyond the limits of the credit that your suppliers are willing to extend, then you may have to turn down that opportunity to save your business. It can almost seem nfair, but it doesn't have to be that way.

The default source of funding that most small business owners fall back on when their own cash flow appears unable to sustain growth is their bank. But bank credit has its limits and when those limits are met; your company could be left without the funds needed to take on something that you have worked hard to achieve. That is when it is time to look in a new direction and try an alternative to bank financing.

Improve Your Cash Flow With Invoice Financing

The biggest misconception that small business owners have is that their cash flow is always at the mercy of their customers. Your company works hard to bring in sales on a regular basis and the unfortunate thing is that your customers all pay their invoices at varying times. You can eliminate that cash flow bottleneck by using receivable factoring.

Whenever you have a receivable that is not past due, you have the collateral you need to open up your cash flow. When the bank won't help you overcome the obstacles that can occur with rapid growth, then an invoice financing company can. After all, the reason you are growing is because of the sudden flow of new sales. It only makes sense that you put that revenue to work for you as soon as possible.

The Process Is Seamless And Easy

It only takes you a few minutes to apply for invoice financing services and we can have your account active in only a couple of business days. Once your account is active, we can start getting you cash in exchange for approved receivables in a matter of hours. As long as you keep bringing us receivables from creditworthy customers, we will keep filling your bank account with the cash you need. It is that simple and it is a system that turns your success into real corporate growth.

When the phone rings and you find out that a huge account you have been working on for months is ready to take your business to the next level, the last thing you want to worry about is how to fund your growth. With an invoice financing agreement in place, you can use that new growth to fund your ongoing operations and make sure that your company is prepared to revel in the success that it worked so hard to create.