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Learn to Compare Offers from Factoring Companies
Complete Invoice Factoring Guide

Comparing invoice factoring proposals from different companies can be pretty confusing and frustrating. There are many variables that need to be taken in account and, unless you are an accountant or a financial professional, the components that make up a proposal are not easy to understand and evaluate for the average business owner or manager.

Whether you later decide to request a proposal from our factoring company or not we would like to give you an invoice factoring guide with a few factoring tips when it comes to your decision making.

This guide has been specially designed to help business people like you find the factoring provider and proposal that best fit your funding needs

The learning process begins here:
You already did your research and concluded that invoice factoring would be the ideal temporary solution to improve your business cash flow. Now it’s time to contact one or two commercial factoring companies.
Let’s say that you go online and look for an invoice factoring company using your favorite search engine, the results show up and you can see different listings and ads including teasers like these:

Regarding the

Factoring Rates

Rates from 0.55%, from 0.69%, or from 0.49%, 1%, etc.

Regarding the


Up to 95% advances, up to 93%, from 70% to 85% advances, etc.

Regarding the Application


Approval Process

Quick approvals, Easy application, immediate approvals, fast approvals, etc.
Get prequalified today, Instant factoring quotes, etc.

Regarding the

Funding Speed

Funding in 2 hours, same day funding, Cash in 24 hours, etc.
Fast funding, get instant cash, etc.


These are just examples to simply get your attention. If we were in your shoes it would be reasonable to think that we would contact the company that publishes the lower  rates, the faster and easier approval process, the faster funding and the best service.

invoice factoring offers


That would be great, wouldn’t it? But how realistic are these offers? Can any company qualify for this “ideal” package? The answer is possibly, but it would be tall hurdle.

Let’s analyze each component of an invoice factoring proposal so you can understand how each one is defined and have a realistic idea of what type of offer your company can receive:

  1. Factoring Rates Structure
  2. Advance Rate
  3. Application and Approval Process
  4. Funding Process and Speed


Let’s learn first how factoring rates are defined. factoring rates structure