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benefits of factoring with Gateway Commercial Finance

Accessing invoice factoring simply requires a business to be providing goods or services to other creditworthy businesses on terms. Whether your business is a non-bankable established company, a recently launched startup, a company with highly leveraged operations, or a business that is growing rapidly we can help.

We act fast! If all the proper information on invoices is received from the client in a timely fashion, funds can be wired within 24 hours for payroll or supplies. Request your factoring quote or Call 1-855-424-2955 to talk to an experienced

Our managers have the ability to make decisions quickly. Approvals can often be given the same day. You can reach our decision-makers immediately and senior management can get involved in your project right away. You don't have to wade through credit committees, intermediaries, or a bureaucracy that can hold up the process.

factoring company in inc 500/5000 list four years in a row

We have been included in the Inc 500/5000 List as one of the nation's fastest growing companies Four years in a row!

Transparency is the foundation of our continuous growth. We deliver what we promise:

  • Competitive Factoring Rates and Advances.
  • No invoice minimums. No minimum balance required.
  • Approvals within hours. Deal directly with a decision maker. Fast Approval Process
  • Easy application. Flexible agreements.
  • First funding within 3 days. Consecutive funding in just 24 hours.
  • Excellent references as an invoice factoring company . Personalized consulting.
  • High quality service. Professional, experienced and courteous staff.
  • We serve a wide variety of industries.

Why Consider Our Factoring Company as a Partner?

  1. We’re entrepreneurs…just like you. We’ve been helping business owners for more than 16 years solve their most basic cash flow needs.
  2. Instead of dealing with factoring brokers, you'll talk directly to a decision maker from the initial phone call. We understand your time is valuable and timely decisions are critical to your business. Zero bureaucracy or run-around.
  3. We care about our clients and the health of our portfolio. We’re not a volume buyer and each potential client and their customers are always handled with white gloves.
  4. We’re a relationship based factoring company. Referrals Available.
  5. Money is simply not everything. All of our clients can take advantage and benefit from our comprehensive A/R Management Platform.
    • Credit Evaluation & Ongoing Credit Monitoring. Prior to making an advance, we evaluate one of our factoring clients customer’s credit rating using a variety of sophisticated credit tools (Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Coface & Cotera) to ensure they have the financial capability to pay within terms. Each 90 days, we manually re-review this information. We provide this information at NO CHARGE to our invoice factoring clients.

      Receivables Monitoring & Management. Many of our clients wear multiple hats and lack sufficient resources to monitor & manage their receivables. Our accounts receivable factoring clients have a dedicated Relationship Manager who is solely responsible for the management of their account and the monitoring of the receivables. Given we only buy performing invoices, the level of interaction with a client’s customers is minimal. Should we identify a comment or concern, we can immediately report it to our factoring client so they can swiftly resolve the matter with the ultimate goal of getting the receivable to pay in its normal course of business.

      Comprehensive Reporting. Our receivables portfolio software is sophisticated and can provide our accounts receivable factoring clients with a wide variety of reports which allow our clients to make better decisions. Each day, our system is reconciled to the penny providing accurate reporting to our clients.

      Immeasurable Benefits. Peace of mind knowing that funds for payroll and tax liabilities will be in the account when you need it. Peace of mind knowing that you’re ready to take on the next project knowing you’ll have the funds available to launch. Peace of mind knowing you have the funds to pay your suppliers within terms.

  6. We’re a financially stable non-bank funding provider offering competitive rates and high advances.
  7. We deliver what we promise. Talk to a decision maker and you’ll immediately see a difference in our approach to invoice factoring.
  8. All of our clients are paired with a Relationship Manager familiar with their industry who will be your main point of contact at Gateway.
  9. We have significant experience factoring a wide variety of industries. This experience allows us to better understand our client’s situation and offer timely and workable cash flow solutions. See our factoring company reviews.

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Benefits that only Gateway can offer you

High Customer Satisfaction

We truly care about your business. Our customer retention rate is almost TWICE (1.9 times) the industry average.  Our customers value our services and stay with us much longer.


Direct Access to Decision Makers

Because the company's owners are also the managers, from your first call, you’ll work directly with a decision maker.  No brokers, no sales people, no credit committee, no underwriters, simply…. straight answers and fast decisions!   


Fast and Reliable Funding

We’re a financially stable funding provider. Working with us you’ll have the confidence that you’ll have funds available whenever you need them.


We Protect Your Business’ Reputation

We care about your reputation with your customers and work hard to preserve your image. Our transparent servicing is truly unique from other factoring companies.

Traditional factors rely on old fashion methods to process, verify and collect on invoices.  Most factors have frequent one-on-one interaction with your customers.  We don’t! Our proprietary telephone technology and service methodology provides our clients with a nearly confidential factoring experience. Checks remain payable to your company and we rarely need to identify ourselves to your customers.

We’ve invested heavily in state of the art technology and our people to ensure your reputation remains preserved. 


Transparency is the foundation of our continuous growth. We deliver what we promise.

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