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Reputation is everything when you own a business. You’ve invested significant time, energy, and resources into developing strong relationships with your customers. As much as you may need funding for cash flow issues, you don’t want to do anything that will damage your image with your customers.

If you're concerned about protecting the image you've created with your customers, you're not alone. The number one concern of most prospective invoice factoring clients is the interaction the factor will have with their customers.

When you work with Gateway Commercial Finance, there’s no need to worry about your image. We care about your reputation because we know it’s your most important asset. That’s why we have designed a highly confidential invoice factoring process that is truly unique among factoring providers.

SoftCall: Protecting Your Privacy

We call it SoftCall. It’s one of the most innovative privacy tools a factoring company can use to protect your relationship with your customers. With Softcall, all of our interaction with your customers is on behalf of you. When we call your customers about an invoice, it’s under your name, so they don’t know that there is a factoring company involved in the payment process.

Further, when one of your customers has a question about their invoice, they can call into our service center. The phone number is identified as one of your customers, so we answer the phone under your business name. The SoftCall technology makes our involvement nearly confidential.

Payments Under Your Name

Companies who are new to factoring often ask how their customers should make payment. The answer is simple. They continue to make payments to you under your business name. The only thing that changes is where they send their payments.

We will establish a special lockbox for your customers to direct their payments. All checks are still made payable to you. However, the checks are sent to the new lockbox. Everyday, we sweep that lockbox for payments. We forward your remaining balance promptly so you can close out your invoices.

Again, your customers likely won’t know that a third party is involved. The only information that will change on their end is where they send the payment. With our highly confidential factoring program your privacy is ensured and your reputation remains intact.

Transparent Reporting

We want you to be completely informed on all information related to your outstanding invoices. We have created a sophisticated reporting system that allows you to see the status of all your invoices along with any activity on those invoices.

For example, our reporting system will tell you which invoices you have sold to us, which have been collected, what your reserve balance is, and much more. The reporting system is available 24/7 and all information is immediately accessible.

Again, our top priority is helping you overcome your cash flow needs while also helping you maintain a strong, positive relationship with your customers. Personal relationships are the foundation of your business, and they are critically important to your future success. We want to protect those relationships, not compromise them.

Let Gateway Professionally Manage Your Receivables

When you work with Gateway Commercial Finance, you don’t only get access to quick cash for your receivables. You also get a sophisticated receivables department that can manage your invoices.

Our goal at Gateway is to help you be more successful. One way we do that is by providing you with fast cash to help you through cash flow challenges. Another way is by using our experience and knowledge to confidentially manage your monitoring process so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

When you consider the time your team spends on receivables and collections, you may find that your process is actually costing you money. In fact, an inefficient process may be more costly than the fee associated with factoring your invoices.

We’re here to help you grow and reach your goals. We do that by strengthening your relationship with your customers, providing you with 24/7 access to critical data about your invoices, and by managing your entire receivables process.

Contact us today to get started. Let’s discuss your cash flow needs. We welcome the opportunity to help you grow your business.

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