We Factor Businesses Nationwide

Some of the Industries That Use Factoring

Following is a non-exhaustive list of industries that usually use invoice factoring to boost their cash flow. Read the reviews to see why different businesses use our factoring company and all the benefits that they get from this service.


Today Gabriel can focus on what he does best

“With reliable cash flow, we're ready to take on the Fortune 100!”

Transportation Company

Chris is not looking for checks in the mail anymore

“After I missed a large payroll I decided I needed to find a solution...quickly.”

Temporary Staffing

Kim knows the value of a good relationship

“Delivering what you promise when you promise it is an Absolute.”

Plumbing Services

Keith was nearly under water

“In 3 short days, we were flush with cash...”


Armando's cash flow wasn't seeing straight

“With reliable funding and a solid partner we're seeing clearly again!”

Cell Tower Company

Connection is critical in John's business

“Gateway understood my dire situation and took the necessary time to listen.”

Apparel Distributors

Jen & Doug's collections weren't keeping pace with growth

“Keeping pace with growth requires cash flow.”

Security Services

It's about Security

“Our banker recommended Gateway Commercial Finance to solve our working capital dilemma.”

Distributor Credit Protection

When Lightning Strikes

“Gateway was able to offer me credit protection on a handful of my largest customers.”


Slow Growing Problem

“Gateway was able to provide us with a line of credit on our receivables.”

Telecommunications Company

Cash Flow Connection

“They helped us lay out a clear strategy for effective credit policies and procedures.”

Fencing Supplier

Stray Cash Flow

“With Gateway, my only concern now is how big to grow!”

Pool Products Distributor

When Opportunity Knocks

“Without Gateway, we would have lost out on a very lucrative relationship.”

Tobacco Industry

“Without Gateway, our deal would have been up in smoke!”

Aerospace Contractor

Effective Financing Takes Precision

“Now we have a reliable source of working capital to support our growth.”

Food Manufacturer

A Missing Ingredient

“The perfect blend of cash flow support...”


Cash Flow Detour

“Within days of our initial introduction, our trucks were back on the road to profitability!”

Electrical Services

Shocking Cash Flow Dilemma

“Our banker recommended we talk to Gateway for a workable solution.”

Commercial Janitorial

A Dirty Dilemma

“I just needed additional funds to buy more equipment and cover the significant increase in payroll!”

Medical Transportation

Cash Flow Emergency

“Gateway moved quickly to ensure we had the necessary support”

Product Supplier

Cash Flow Darkness

“Gateway provided additional working capital to support our sales growth”

Catering Services

Feeling Hungry?

“Jason's accountant referred Jason to Gateway due to our timely response and can do attitude”

Metal & Iron Construction

Precarious Situation

“When James Guy needed additional working capital to support his daily needs, he turned to Gateway CF.”

Fashion Designer

Designing Success

“When Mia Leeds started Cool Blue Apparel, she needed an effective receivables management and cash flow solution”

Service Contractor

Un-tidy Tax Liabilities

“Sam's business needed a solution to cover tax liabilities in a slow economy”

Government Contractor

They Deliver

“Gateway was an ideal partner to support our weekly payroll and fuel needs”

Manufacturer Invoice

A Bucking Problem

“We were able to deal directly with the decision makers and within a few short conversations we had a workable deal”

Project Staffing

Production Dilemma

“We talked with Gateway and were impressed to work with the decision maker at our initial call.”

Textile Manufacturer

Designing Opportunity...

“Gateway listened to our whole story and worked quickly to provide us with a solution”

Magazine Distributor

Cash Distribution Problems…

“Gateway was extremely easy to work with and their process helps streamline our receivables management and collection processes”

Commercial Bakery

Stale Cash Flow...

“We're back to doing what we do best, baking some of the finest breads and pastries in Los Angeles. We leave the tough stuff to Gateway”

Surveying Company

A Sinking Opportunity

“Gateway had a clear line of site... no run-around, no hoops or 11th hour obstacles. Dealing with a decision maker made all of the difference.”

Site Services

Towering Problem...

“Our bank was less than excited to help us out of a difficult spot and recommended Gateway.”

Repair & Restauration Services

Running on Empty...

“We were impressed with how fast they put things together for us and with no hurdles”

Healthcare Staffing

Expert Care...

“It's nice having someone look after me for a change!"”

Engineering Consulting

Sky High Possibilities

“"Gateway was easy and straightforward to work with. Almost overnight, they eliminated my worries with mobilization and payroll, allowing us to focus simply on serving our clients"”

IT Staffing

Strong Borrower

“"It was a stressful time for us and from our initial phone call thru the first funding Gateway made the process easy to understand and straightforward." ”

Service Provider

Dwindling Cash Flow…

“"I was surprised how simple, accessible and cost effective their program really was. In addition to a steady stream of funds for payroll, I also benefit from comprehensive reporting; credit monitoring and peace of mind."”

Staffing Agencies

Consistency From Start to Finish...

“After our initial conversation, we knew we had the right partner to support our needs. They did everything they said they would, when they said they would do it. I appreciate that in a business partner!”

Physical Therapy

Buyer Beware...

“It was a no brainer to make the move to Gateway Commercial Finance; I wish I would have found them first!”