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About Our Factoring Services

Invoice factoring services provide temporary working capital to pre-bankable, non-bankable, rapidly growing and financially troubled businesses.

  • Start-ups
  • Operating Losses
  • Poor personal credit
  • All industries served
  • Lines from $10K to $3MM

You have invoices on your books, which is a good thing. That means you’re making sales and there’s demand in the marketplace for your product or service. There’s just one problem. You can’t pay bills with invoices. You need cash to grow your business, take on a new project, purchase materials, or just keep your company operating smoothly.

If you’re like a lot of other businesses, you don’t fit neatly into the criteria that lenders look for. Maybe you’re a startup and don’t have the track record that a bank needs for financing. Perhaps you have a storied credit history that’s preventing you from obtaining funding through traditional sources.

If any of this sounds familiar, then factoring may be the right solution for you. Factoring is a process by which you sell an outstanding invoice to a third-party, known as a factor. The factor pays you a portion of the invoice, often up to 80 percent, immediately. The factor then collects payment from your customer. When the invoice is paid, the factor keeps a small fee for their efforts and sends you the balance.

Factoring is a fast and effective way to get the funding you need. Even better, when you work with an experienced and professional factor like Gateway Commercial Finance, you can be confident that your reputation will be protected.

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Why work with Gateway Commercial Finance?

When you choose factoring as a funding solution, it’s important that you work with factoring partner who truly wants to help you grow your business. Gateway Commercial Finance is that partner. We know that we have success when you have success. That’s why we always place our customers’ needs for privacy and discretion at the top of our priority list.

There many other reasons to choose Gateway as your preferred factoring partner, including:

  • Cost. Our fees are based on the risk associated with the debt we take on. Generally, the lower the risk of default, the lower your costs will be. Our fees start as low as 0.5 percent, among the lowest in the factoring industry.
  • High advances. Again, the amount we advance upfront is often tied to a number of factors, including the risk of default. We often advance around 80 percent of the invoice amount and sometimes as much as 95 percent.
  • Deal directly with the decision maker. There’s no jumping through hoops or going through automated phone systems when you work with Gateway. You have direct contact with the decision maker on your funding application. We find that connecting the seller with the decision maker helps us get all the information we need to make an informed decision. Have extra information about the debt that you think will help your application? By all means, share it with us.
  • Fast funding. Your first approved request will be funded within three days. All subsequent requests will be funded within one day. That’s among the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Get the cash you need quickly so you can get back to the business of running your business.
  • High-quality service. Our business is built on the quality of our relationships with our customers. We strive to provide the highest level of service possible. Our job is to address all of your goals, needs, and concerns so we can all grow together.
  • Dedicated staff specialized in your industry. No matter what industry you’re in, chances are good that we’ve have a consultant who specializes in it. We have helped thousands of companies in a wide range of industries, giving us experience and depth of knowledge to help you solve your unique cash flow issues.

Learn why Gateway Commercial Finance is the right factoring partner for you. Request your no-cost, no-commitment quote from one of our funding consultants.

Who chooses Gateway Commercial Finance?

Still not sure whether factoring with Gateway Commercial is right for you? Check out the examples below to see how we’ve helped other businesses overcome their cash flow challenges.

  • A commercial printer was referred to Gateway after getting declined for funding at their local bank.
  • Gateway was able to help a commercial transport company grow their fleet and stay in business.
  • Metropolitan Services used Gateway’s factoring solutions to overcome the unique cash flow challenges in the temporary staffing industry.
  • Family Plumbing was nearly under water because one of their large corporate clients took so long to approve invoices. Gateway helped them get the funding they needed.
  • An advertising agency was in big trouble after one of their customers switched to net-60 payments. Fortunately, Gateway was able to help the agency overcome the challenge.


You can check out dozens more stories and factoring reviews on our success story page. We’ve helped companies in a wide range of industries, including:


There’s no need for you to deal with ongoing cash flow struggles. If you have outstanding invoices, let’s start the process of converting those invoices into cash. Submit your request today for a free quote. No hassle! No obligation! We look forward to partnering with you!