Boost Your Growing Business’ Cash Flow With Invoice Factoring

You own a business that stands as one of the top companies in your industry. There is a huge gap between the revenue your company generates and the revenue generated by the top competitors, but that has not stopped you from finding a certain level of success. But the potential your company possesses remains untapped


How NATE Members Use Invoice Factoring

A Practical Look at Factoring in Action In our previous blogs we address the issue of small and mid-sized company financing, discuss factoring in general, and provide information on some of the basic questions. In this post, we’ll address a snapshot of one month’s factoring of a hypothetical NATE (National Association of Tower Erectors) member.


National Association of Tower Erectors: Serving a Vital and Growing Industry

A Consistent Demand If you are a member of NATE, you probably count yourself fortunate to be in this market segment. According to the latest IBISWorld’s Electric Transmission Line & Tower Installation market research report, demand for new tower construction remained consistent through the recession and has accelerated.   Additionally, several factors indicate continued growth


Why your business is experiencing cash flow problems

As a business owner, the last thing you want is to lose money on a regular basis. Being able to turn a profit and watching your cash flow rise is important. Once you learn the common reasons why businesses lose money, you can take control and turn things around quickly and efficiently. Goods taking longer


How Receivable Factoring Can Improve Your Business Cash Flow

Extending credit is an excellent way to promote sales. While you are waiting on the customer to pay, you might have a real need for that cash. Inventory has to be replenished, overhead costs have to be paid and employees are expecting their paychecks on time. Now, you are stuck trying to figure out where