Invoice Factoring Addresses The Funding Needs Of Small Businesses

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Small businesses have unique financial needs that make them much different from larger corporations. When large corporations experience cash flow problems, they have several options they can explore to get back on track. These corporations can sell assets, secure credit, or borrow money to shore up their finances.

Small business owners are not that lucky…

When small business owners start to see their finances go off the tracks they rarely have access to those sources of working capital. It is common for banks to offer the services they need, but it can be extremely difficult to qualify for business loans when they start to experience financial difficulties.

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Invoice Factoring For Small Businesses Is The Answer

If you sell products or services on terms to commercial customers with good credit history there is an alternative source of working capital available to you called invoice factoring.

Invoice factoring allows business owners to sell outstanding receivables to a factoring company (also known as a factor) and get almost immediate cash advances.

Here are some detailed articles so you can learn more about invoice factoring:

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Get Fast and Reliable Funding With Small Business Factoring

When a bank refuses to step in and save the day you need to look for a small business factoring company. Your outstanding invoices issued to creditworthy commercial clients are all the factoring company needs to get you back on track.

A factoring company for small business offers custom funding solutions for struggling entrepreneurs. Invoice factoring services is an accessible solution that can improve your funding in a matter of hours.

Benefits of Small Business Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring offers several benefits to business owners:

  • It’s easy to qualify for a factoring credit line
  • Eligibility is based on the creditworthiness or your clients, not your company’s.
  • Invoice factoring provides working capital that grows with your sales
  • Contrary to business loans and invoice financing, invoice factoring does not add debt to your ledgers or require monthly installments to pay back capital and fees.
  • Factoring fees are not charged until the factor collects the payments
  • Available to B2B companies in all types of industries

Small Business Factoring Relieves the Frustration of Slow-Paying Customers

When your operations depend on slow-paying customers to survive, you walk a very delicate line. There is a wonderful feeling of euphoria when orders start to increase that comes together with a not-so-happy feeling of frustration when cash flow issues begin to arise due to the growth in outstanding invoices. When the demand outpaces the cash flow that is when problems begin.

One of the most frustrating things about borrowing in times of crisis is that banks usually give no value to your unpaid invoice amounts. For banks, your cash flow struggles due to slow-paying customers represent a risk they are not willing to embrace.

Your euphoria at the increase in invoiced sales can finally be enjoyed when you can stabilize your cash flow thanks to the involvement of small business factoring companies. To a factor, your outstanding invoices represent the level of success you have achieved thanks to your hard work.

Invoice factoring services can turn your outstanding invoices into cash and get you back on track. Instead of making you feel frustrated due to the constant growth of your outstanding invoices, invoice factoring allows you to use your receivables as fuel for your success.

A bank has its place in your financial future but it is not where you want to turn when times get bad. If your firm has bad credit or poor financial background and the bills keep piling up, then you cannot wait months to find out that your application for a business loan or line of credit has been refused.

Our small business factoring company’s director can approve your account in a matter of hours. Once you have the account activated, you can start submitting your invoices right away. You’ll get paid cash advances almost immediately and receive your money in your bank within a day.

It is money you have earned, and it is money that you should feel proud of.

Our Factoring Company for Small Businesses

Why you should partner with Gateway?

Stop looking at your outstanding invoices with frustration and give our small business factoring company a call. We have flexible working capital programs that will grow your operations while we wait for your invoices to get paid.

Our factoring company offers:

  • Low factoring fees and high advance amounts
  • Working capital advances in 24 hours
  • Direct access to decision-makers
  • Negotiable minimum amounts.
  • Some of the best client account managers in the industry

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Our factoring application is very simple, much easier than applying for a loan or invoice financing. We just require that you provide basic company information and include an A/P and an A/R report to in most cases.

Don’t wait for your slow-paying customers to send payments anymore. Get started today.

Call our toll-free phone 1-855-424-2955, submit a quick factoring quote form, or email us to apply for funding in minutes. Our managing director will get in touch with your right away and can approve your account for factoring just a few hours.

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